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The Solution

The Solution

Over 40 million farmers across Africa who currently rely primarily on rainfall have the potential to access available ground water and lift themselves out of poverty with the power of irrigation. When farmers take control and are able to effectively manage renewable water resources, whether it be a hand-dug well, a pond, a river, or a stream, they grow high-value crops throughout the year and can sell when food is scarce and prices are higher – reducing both hunger and poverty, two of the greatest threats to Africa’s survival.

While poor families have many urgent needs, their number one need is a way to make more money. Even the poorest subsistence farmers live in a cash economy and must use money to pay for basics from school fees to healthcare.
With reliable income, families can address their remaining needs without aid—they can treat and prevent illnesses, afford to educate and feed their children, improve their living standards, and, by investing in these opportunities and others, escape the cycle of poverty.

Sub-Saharan Africa presents the cruel irony of a continent full of farmers that cannot feed itself—one in every four people is starving, compared with one in eight worldwide. Currently, however, only 4% of farmland in sub-Saharan Africa is irrigated, which means there is great potential to change this picture. When farmers are empowered, they can produce food in all seasons – not just when it rains. Even small-scale farmers with very little land can use irrigation to grow regularly, feed themselves, their families, their communities and, collectively, entire countries.

As farmers adopt innovative technologies and produce more food all year long, the feast and famine cycle trapping Africa’s poor will be broken. If Africa reaches just 20% of farmland in smart agriculture, the “hungry season” will become a thing of the past.
Women represent about 70% of the agricultural workforce in sub-Saharan Africa. The little money these women earn on their subsistence farms hardly allows them to contribute to household financial needs, perpetuating women’s reliance on their husbands for financial support and holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Innovative technologies enable women to be more productive on their farms, start profitable businesses selling their crops, and significantly increase their income. By enabling women to generate income, OFFAR Foundation is helping develop their economic potential, have a larger role in household decision-making, and become stronger leaders in their families and communities.

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