To improve the standard of living of the people in rural communities and ultimately improve the protein consumption of the nation.


To train and empower people, particularly the youths, through the acquisition of skills in fish production and management, integrated farming, computer literacy and entrepreneuship irrespective of race, colour or tribe.


To use the Centre to draw the Youths from the precipice of the Culture of Death and empower them so as to live meaningful lives. As the saying goes “If you teach a man to breed fish, you feed him and help him feed his community for a lifetime”. It is not only cost-effective but promotes Human Development.


The training of indigent youths in fish production and management, with special reference to Catfish and Tilapia.

1. The creation of employment opportunities for the beneficiaries through provision of a revolving loan in material terms to establish their own farm.

2. To assist the local fish farmers to upgrade their level of production and invariably their standard of living through seminars and workshops.

3. The establishment of small scale fish farms and formation of fish farmer’s cooperative group that will be of great benefit to the people and to the country at large.

4. The establishment of an e-library with relevant books and materials to provide information for the people especially farmers.

5. To provide consultancy services to assist intending and established farmers in fish production through technical assistance.

6. Development of integrated farming in areas of horticulture and animal husbandry.

7. Production of quality fingerlings, juveniles, brood stock, and table size fishes, seedling and seeds, eggs to improve the protein consumption of our people.

8. Provision of a serene natural environment for retreats, relaxation and conferences.


Oluponna Fish Farming Education and Ressource Centre is a non-governmental organisation owned by the Catholic Church. It started with a farm bought in 1984 by the Archbishop of Ibadan, Most Rev. Dr. Felix Adeosin Alaba Job. In 2006, under the direction of Rev. Fr. Macarius Olatunji, the current director of the Centre, it became an agric training centre for the indigent youths of Nigeria.

Our dream is of a polity where the youths are empowered to be self-reliant. The importance of this project towards humanity is recognised and thus supported by various corporate bodies and individuals. Thanks to this support, we already trained more than 100 youths in the art and act of fish farming, integrated farming, computer skills and wholistic personal development.

OFFERCentre, as we are fondly called, is an unfolding dream as we strive to make a difference in our community. We invite you to be part of our dream and share in its actualisation.

All the staff from the Centre welcome you warmly!

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OFFERCentre has forayed into various aspects of agriculture to promote a positive attitude towards agricultural practices in general in the training of the budding fish farmer. Our students are exposed to and trained in the care of Sheep and Goats, Quails, Layers, Rabbits, Broilers, Bees, etc.

The Centre has a crop department with a palm plantation, vegetable garden and an orchard with varieties of fruits (pineapple, orange, mango,etc).


At OFFERCentre, we still have aesthetics at heart. We carry out our activities bearing the important place of neatness, finesse and aethetics in mind.

"OFFERCentre is a beauty to behold!"
We have heard this from visitors a number of times and we work hard to keep it that way and even build on it. We sincerely invite you to come, pay visits to us and if possible offer us tips on how to make OFFERCentre better. We expect you!



There is a formal training programme set within one year. From September to August, an aspiring fish farmer is shaped. The session is filled with theoretical classwork and practical field work. We intend optimum growth and equal opportunities for all and so the selection of students cuts across creed, race, tribe or colour. As witness of our success already six (6) sets of students have been trained.

6th set of students, year 2012-2013
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We intend to empower farmers and increase their yield. Many want to go into fish farming but know not how to. OFFERCentre has planned seminars and workshops which come up periodically. This site is a veritable source of knowing when such takes place. The Catholic Weekly Independent Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan is also a good place to have this information.
Please note however, that our seminars and workshops range from week-end courses for a month specially programmed for Corpers, 2 weeks, 3 months and 4 months courses.

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This programme is a new initiative by the Centre to bridge the gap between the completion of secondary education and awaiting admission into Tertiary Institutions by young girls and boys. This branch was introduced in June 2011.
Successful Candidates will be given training in Hospitality Management, Catering, Computer Literacy, Videography and Photography, Adire making, Beed making and wireworks. Thus equipped they could become self employed or self reliant.

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